EFL brand company (EFL-Tech Co.,Ltd, Suzhou, China ), founded in 2017, is located in Wuzhong District, Suzhou, based on the scientific research results of Zhejiang University's Biomanufacturing Laboratory for industrial transformation. The company is committed to overturning the status quo of basic consumables and high-end devices in the field of regenerative medicine, which are monopolized by foreign countries, and developing original biological consumables and equipment, with "Engineering For Life (EFL)" as the initial goal, adhering to the concept of pragmatic and win-win, insisting on the deep integration of engineering technology and medical research. The team has gathered a group of vigorous doctors and masters to devote themselves to biomedical innovation and regenerative medicine research.

EFL has thousands of square meters of R&D and office space, with tens of millions of dollars of R&D and industrialization equipment. The company has received Pre-A round of financing from Dongwu Leading Talents, Gusu Leading Talents and Jiangsu Dual Innovation Talents, Jiangsu Key R&D Program and Suzhou Venture Capital. We have industrialized a series of bio-3D printers, established a quantitative production line of bio-ink, launched more than 20 series of bio-ink, provided a complete set of cell 3D culture and bio-3D printing solutions, EFL products have served thousands of labs at home and abroad such as Harvard, Cambridge, Tsinghua, Peking University and Zhejiang University.



Mission:Serving Regenerative Medicine Research Helping Biomedical Innovation

Vision:Engineering to overcome biological health challenges

Core Values:Pragmatic, Win-Win, Integration, Innovation

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