EFL-Tech Co.,Ltd is always looking for talents to develop together with the company. The company values the development of each employee and provides a wide space for development and competitive salary and benefits for each employee who joins. We welcome you to join our team and create a bright future with us. If you are interested in the following positions, please contact General Manager (Dr. Gao): 13735579735 (WeChat with the same number)

Job Title Recruiting Number Academic Requirements Release Time Operation
Project Planning Engineer 5 Master's degree or above 2022-01-06 View Details
Job Responsibilities:

1、Analyze and collect online and offline market information, develop and implement the company's market strategy.

2、Develop and implement brand promotion strategies.

3、Develop and implement product promotion strategy.

4、The overall management of agents.

Job Requirements:

1、Bachelor degree or above in marketing or business administration or other related disciplines, master's degree is preferred.

2、More than 2 years of marketing related experience, experience in foreign enterprises is preferred.

3、Strong expression and communication skills.

4、Working experience in instrumentation, life science, medical machinery is preferred.

1.1 R&D Engineer (Biomaterials) 2 Master's degree or above 2022-01-11 View Details
Job Responsibilities:
1、Responsible for new materials, new product research and development pre-data collection and market research and verification, to provide direction for research and development.
2、Inquiry of relevant industry information and literature to complete the project of research and development projects.
3、Responsible for new materials (biomedical materials, bio-hydrogels) research and development and performance testing.
4、Participate in the R&D and optimization of the production process of new materials, and the transformation of related intellectual property rights.
Job Requirements:
1, majoring in biomaterials, biomedicine, tissue engineering, polymer materials, chemistry, etc., with a master's degree or above and at least 1 year of working experience.
2, with the spirit of innovation and independent research and development capabilities, with strong planning and execution capabilities.
3, a deep understanding of biomaterials research and development, with experience in preparation, modification and characterization of biomaterials.
4、Good communication skills and teamwork spirit, cheerful personality, rigorous and pragmatic.

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